About the Posse

Recovery Posse was started as a hashtag community for anyone in or seeking recovery from alcoholism, addiction or mental health. @djfmdotcom started it and it has taken off from there.

Although the community has evolved it’s still a vibrant support community that can be found through the # hashtag #recoveryposse on social media and across the internet.

This site is maintained to provide links to #RecoveryPosse people and news. We are as anonymous as we want to be.

Site administrators only tend to the site. They represent no authority or views beyond maintaining the site freely, for the community at large.

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress and anywhere fine social media is served.

To be added, or removed, reach out to an admin. At the moment we’re just getting the list together, recovery dates, other info will be sorted out eventually. #RecoveryPosse members include: