I was pondering on my morning walk, about how we are living through one of “Those” times.. those pivotal points in history, when the world changes.. A global event, like no other. Scary times; interesting times; times that will make us evaluate how we live, how we will conduct ourselves and even with whom and where we will choose to live.

It is a Massive time, and the world we re-emerge into will be different…

But then I thought about this group – as I often do when I roam the beach. This collection of waifs and strays with Recovery as our goal in common. I know that a lot of us have been as low as a human can be and survived. I know that we all face a daily battle with sobriety, mental health or addiction… That we have found like minded people, who know that daily battle and are willing to support, encourage and just hug if it all gets too hard…

The rest of the world might well look at this group and think that somehow we are weaker, damaged, maybe even of lesser value to whatever the new world will look like..

But I disagree.

The very demons we face have given us strength. The bonds we have made here have already given us an online support system – before everyone else went looking for one. The strong desire to survive what life throws us, has given us insight and wisdom. And the very tenets of this group of:








are the very attributes people will need to move forward.

I know we are all fearful, and these worrying times have made the Recovery journey so much harder. But then I read tweets of

“At least I’m tackling this sober”

“Yesterday was a bad day, but I’m back today”

“I’m struggling today, is anyone around”… And I see them answered almost immediately, and often for hours afterwards by support and care..

AND I can see a new emphasis on our daily gratitude list – learning to be thankful for what we have.

#ODAAT – living in the moment.


Taking joy in surviving another day…

WE are human, we do struggle, but we are also admitting to it.

I have a massive respect and gratitude for this group. And faith that individually, and as a whole we have what it takes to face the whatever version of the world emerges..  

Kia Kaha

Kia Māia

Kia Manawanui

Be strong

Be brave

Be Steadfast

4 thoughts on “STRENGTH

  1. I can’t believe this is the first I’ve seen this. What a beautiful post. And I couldn’t agree more. This is an awesome group of supportive recovering friends new & old. Best online recovery group I’ve been in.

    Liked by 1 person

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