Coronavirus Update

UPDATED 28 March 2020

During these troubled times it is important that we can all get access to good quality recovery meetings. As I find meetings I will update this page and indicate the latest update at the top of the page.

Revovery Hour: This meeting is run by @RecoveryHour and it takes place at 8.30pm (GMT) every day. There are readings, main share or chair, and share-back. Open to all in recovery regardless of fellowship. To access click the link at 8.30pm (GMT):

Bristol Frenchay, Acceptance is the Key: This is the home group of @SobrietyMatt. This AA meeting takes place every Tuesday at 8.00pm (GMT) and lasts for an hour. To access the meeting click on the link at 8.00pm (GMT):

Soineantachd (Serenity): Organised by @Serenity0320 this meeting takes place every Saturday and Sunday at 12pm (Mountain)/ 2pm (Eastern)/ 6pm (GMT). To access click on the link at the appropriate time:

Bristol Young Peoples AA: Every Sunday at 7.30pm (GMT) is the Bristol Young People’s AA meeting. Do not be put off by the title, they are an incredibly warm and inviting bunch who do not care about your age! Click on the link at 7.30pm (GMT) every Sunday:

In the Rooms: For 24/7 list of online meetings In the Rooms is a great page. Click on the link and sign up for a number of great live meetings.

WEconnect & Unity Recovery: WEconnect and Unity Recovery are partnering together to offer 4 daily all recovery meetings to anyone in the world. Meetings will follow an open format and are available to anyone in or seeking recovery. 7 days a week at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 9pm (EST). Click on the link at the appropriate time:

SMART Recovery: If you would like to find an online SMART Recovery meeting, simply click the link to go directly to their calendar of meetings:

Advice on dealing with Covid-19 Anxiety and Worry: In addition to recovery, many people are concerned about how to deal with their worry and anxiety about Covid-19. If you would like to access a practical guide to managing these feelings, why not click on the link: Free Guide To Living with Worry and Anxiety During Global Uncertainty.

Wednesday’s Women’s Group: An all fellowship inclusive recovery meeting for women co-hosted by @RecoveryHour and @GraceBrodie6 that takes place every Wednesday at 7pm. Click the link at the appropriate time to join in:

Contributed by @SobrietyMatt

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